Books: Read Em’ or Use Em’

33041863784_00f213b2c1_o.jpgWhere do I get my inspiration? I steal it. For this blog, a blog—questioning what to do with excess books—from Wurd to the Wise unlocked my muse.

If you’ve found your way to my blog, I’m betting you have books in nearly every living space, including the kitchen and even your car. I’d go as far as saying you only bring a predetermined amount of cash to bookstores and leave the credit card in a very far away parked car as to not spend too much on the feel of crisp pages and a resistant woven spine. No? Just me? No matter, you probably know the struggle that comes with spring cleaning, moving to a new place, or adding a roommate/child/partner to your abode. For some reason, our lifting muscles, square footage, or other people do not understand our love for our books and deem some of them unnecessary. For those of you who shed a tear when a book leaves your possession, here is a semi-tongue-in-cheek guide on how to keep those books.

Christmas TreeYes, technically you still have to store your books, but you don’t have to store a tree. Life is about compromise.

Folded Book Art-Who doesn’t like arts and crafts? Don’t answer that.

Simplified folded book

Make a Table-Not the sturdiest, but efficient.


Build your own small library-You can do this yourself or be part of an the little free library group.


Make a Headboard-Customize depending on the mood you hope to set. Harlequin anyone?


One thought on “Books: Read Em’ or Use Em’

  1. Rachel Marquart says:

    I just wanted to say I love the Christmas tree one! Although I don’t know if I could, in good conscience, chop up a book for crafting unless it was a terrible book OR it was a wonderful book that will play a central role as a decoration. I feel like the headboard one would get ripped up? Or fall on me in the night haha, but I would LOVE to build my own library! Do you use any of these fun things in your house?


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